• English                    Tambourine
  • German                   die Shellentrommel, das tamburine
  • Italian                      il tamburello (basco), il tamburino, il tamburino basco
  • French                     le tambour de basque
  • Spanish                   la pandereta

Selecting an instrument

Having a tambourine with a wooden shell, good jingles, and a tightly mounted head ensures you have an instrument that will respond quickly and be sensitive at any dynamic level.  For your first instrument purchase, I recommend a 10” instrument with a double row of jingles (Chromium 25/Bronze).

Method Books

  • Percussion Accessories, Volume I: Method for Tambourine and Triangle - Meehan
  • Complimentary Percussion - Aleo
  • The Art of Percussion Playing - Cirone, Grover, Whaley



  • Grip and Playing Hand, Beating Spot, Stroke Types
  • One Hand Studies and Exercises
  • Shake Roll
  • Thumb/finger Roll
  • Fist/Knee
  • Soft Playing
  • Grace Notes